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Nebular Spool - Stromlos - Out Now
Posted Oct 31, 12:00 with tags ,

The dead comes down with the rain. Post-apocalyptic, dystopian, a broken violin. The fourth release from this dark, ambient side-project from Ugress. 

Download in HD from Bandcamp, or listen in Spotify, Wimp, iTunes, Amazon.

Production notes, location photos.

Blog: Location Photos for Nebular Spool - Strømløs

Live Cinema: Jeanne D Arc - Sept 26, 27
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I perform my live score to Dreyer's Passion Of Joan Of Arc this weekend. 

I love working with live film scores; they are living beings, growing and changing. The original score from 2003 was upgraded earlier this year to an anniversary 2013 version. I now upgrade it further to include live violin and electronics. Here is a two minute teaser video for the anniversary version, with glimpses of cues.


Nebular Spool - Ættskjær video
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Ættskjær is the first track from the upcoming Strømløs album by my post-apocalyptic side-project Nebular Spool.

Strømløs is released October 31st.

Blog: Report: Rose Wars - video, music, notes

Ugress - Another Planet EP - out now
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Another Planet - the sixth and final episode of the Planet U saga. 

  • Another Planet
  • Lillies Off The Trolley
  • Windup Weevils
  • Talking Distance

Streaming directly above from Soundcloud, buy download at my Bandcamp store.

Spotify, Wimp, iTunes, Amazon.

Thomas T. Dahl and Kristian Svalestad Olstad contribues on guitar on Another Planet.

There are production notes.

Blog: Report: Another Planet - Production Notes

Rose Wars - Trailer
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Rose Wars - Trailer for the upcoming Masterpiece Revisited performance.

Blog: Research: Endless screens, surreal mapping

Festspillene: Masterpiece Revisited
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May 31st I perform a commision for Festspillene i Bergen at Østre.

Working title is "Rose-offeret" / "The Rose Sacrifice". It's a live performance, a realtime cinematic interpretational mashup of Grieg's song Rosenlied, Stravinsky's symphony Rite Of Spring and using elements from a broad palette of Astor Piazolla's work.

These are all excisting works presented in the regular Festspillene programme of 2013, which is the idea behind the concept, to have new artists re-do classical masterpieces in a new language and setting. 


Live: Aelita - Queen Of Mars in April
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The live score for silent classic Aelita - Queen Of Mars is performed the next weeks in Trondheim at Kosmorama festival and Cinemateket Kristiansand. 



  • Friday, April 26th, at 18:00
  • Cinemateket i Kristiansand
  • Featuring Nasra Ali Omar
  • Event info: They're not in the future! But pdf program here.

There is a trailer teaser of the lift-off scene, some blog production notes with music examples, and a 5 minute making-of documentary, on how the score is built and performed.