How to make a sexy popstar
Posted Dec 3, 08:41 with tags , , ,

Here is a clip from the documentary "Before The Music Dies", a documentary about the current homogenization of popular music. I saw the film earlier this year during BIFF (Bergen International Film Festival). I think it is a very important film, and it"s very well put together.

At times, IMO, it becomes a bit biased and prejudiced, like the filmmakers decided their view before starting the film, and they only talk to people that will support that view. But that is quickly forgiven, mostly because the problems and issues they investigate are really important to be aware of. And the filmmakers fundamental love for music really shines thru.

The clip above is a short segment that demonstrates how easy it is to create a potential pop star. I guess most people already know how easy this is, and that there several other aspects in creating and launching a successful "music product". So it"s not exactly breaking news, but the clip nevertheless illustrates the concept very well.