Most memorable music of 2007
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2007 was a good year for music, in many ways. I heard some albums I really loved, which was great, because I haven't really loved music for a long time. These are the most memorable, in no specific order.

Murcof - Cosmos

I played Remembrenza a lot, and I think Murcofs latest, Cosmos, is even better. Sinister, eerie soundscapes, mezmering rythms pulsing in the background and haunting classical samples.

At times it somewhat reminds me of Jarre actually, when he drifts into the melodic evolvements. I know, weird connection, but still.

This is perfect music for everything, except for normal people.


Beirut - The Flying Club Cup

A beautiful, Balkan inspired folkpop album. A distant aquaintance had been to a concert with them and explained the music to me - so I picked up a digital copy.

At first I did not like the vocals at all, but something kept dragging me back, and by now this is probably one of the most played albums of 2007.

Interestingly, not ony my ipod. I only play this album at home, on speakers. Weird.



Justice - X

Yey! Brilliant! I super-digged the Justice album. I enjoy almost anything and everything on Ed Banger, but Justice is my new favourite. I think it is the sound that fix me up.

Naughty bad-ass über compressed beats and fat slam bass lines opens the album, and from there it's a roller coaster wonderful eclectic mix-trip from funky disco to stressed-up techno. Loved it.

Steve Jablonsky - Transformers OST

I enjoyed the film and I loved the soundtrack. I just recently saw the movie a second time, after listening to the score many times, and I actually I think the music is better stand-alone than in the movie.

It is the sound in the movie which is beyond awesome. The music works perfectly, but the sound. Ohhh. My pants.

Enjoy the music for itself, it works brilliantly as cartoonish heroic everyday backdrop.


Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Sunset Mission

I think maybe this is the best album I heard in 2007. It is by far the album I heard the most. It is perfect for anything and anywhere, but two particular situations spring to mind: Hangover and blingfeist shopping. This fixes both instantly.

Dark, evil, sinister, slow and gloomy jazz, makes Twin Peaks sound like a nervous-happy carousel on cocaine.

I want to spend all my evenings in dark, smoky, sordid jazz clubs, staring deep down into glasses of sonic despair. Makes me relax.

LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver

The best pop / dance album of 2007. Brilliant tunes.

What I liked best about this album, was how strong each song is, and how complete the album appears. This is a brilliant pop album, and I have not seen LCD live but I am sure this must be boiling hot when played live.

Sound Of Silver made me envious because I really wished I could write and produce music as good as this, but doesn't matter, because LCD already does!

Burial - Untrue

Broken beats, broken vocals, broken dreams. This Burial album is a creeper, I kinda wrote it off at the start, like the Beirut album, but it would not let me.

I know this is a trend fucker, everybody loves it, and that made me slightly sceptic, but I thought I should check it out and I'm glad I did, and glad I gave it some time. The broken beats/dubstep elements are toned slightly down and darkened in the right way for me, and I love the mood and sound.


Honorable mentions

Listened, and really liked these too, but not as much as above:

Amon Tobin - Foley Room
Chemical Brothers - We Are The Night
NIN - Year Zero
Laibach - Volk
Battles - Mirrored
Hans Zimmer - Pirates Of The Caribbean 3
Klaus Nomi - Klaus Nomi
M.I.A. - Kala
Kanye West - Graduation 

And I'm sure there is something I forgot.


#1, by sysrq868 on January 7th 2008, at 07:43
Steve Jablonsky and Hans Zimmer are both my favorites. Possibly because I mainly listen to just soundtracks (besides Ugress, SOTB, etc.).

Recently acquired The Island soundtrack (also by Steve Jablonsky), which is just crazy good. Suits almost any situation, whether you're looking at the ground or the sky. Orchestral ukulele electronic funky ambient techno-DnB samplitude magic.

As for Hans Zimmer, I know it's old, but there's nothing he has done that would top his work with The Lion King. Less than three, that album.

I'm very prejucidal when it comes to new music, especially since when all my friends listen to this... noise. And seem to require for me to listen also. It's great to have this insight of what you listen to, so I know that following your shopping list will bring to me music worth listening. :)

#2, by Mads on January 7th 2008, at 16:12
Cross, Foley Room and Mirrored are all great, yes.

But what! No The Tuss? :(

#3, by georgeblunt on January 7th 2008, at 22:24
Good list. But there is one album, you forgot to mention:
El-P - I'll sleep, when you're dead
Just pure awesomeness!

#4, by GMM on January 7th 2008, at 22:39
hey thanks people, excellent, keep the recommendations/missing albums coming, i love it, must check those out (i knew about that aphex twin thing Mads, but haven't heard it)

i am very intrigued to know what people who like my music listen to (always surprises me!)

#5, by PiNaCZ on January 8th 2008, at 10:38
Hi Gisle, what about these:

Nikonn - Poladroid 2007
(Some very nice downtempo'ish electro'ish music here with female vocals... defintiely worth a listen!)

VNV Nation - Judgement 2007

Seabound - Double-Crosser 2006

Sleepthief - The Dawnseeker 2006
(Sounds kinda like Delerium - even Kristine Thirsk sings here - amazing)

Code64 - Departure 2006

C64 Orchestra - RUN 10 2007

Visa Roster - both CDs (C64 hits vocally ... amazing stuff)

Trentemoller, Saltillo, Sero.Overdose, Diorama, Rotersand, Cesium_137 and many, many, many more :)

...coz it is impossible to live without music :-)

#6, by Wouter on January 9th 2008, at 23:05
Most memorable music moments in 2007 (not necessarily stuff released in 2007):
- discovering the soundtrack from The Fountain: probably the best cd i ever bought
- discovering Yann Tiersen with a superb soundtrack from Goodbye Lenin! and Amélie Poulain
- Santaolalla delivering yet again with a superb soundtrack in Babel (check out Ronroco for pure music heaven)
- Bajofondo delivering a good cd with Mar Dulce (after their dissapointing first cd). Also, for a superb mix between Tango and electronica, check out Luciano Supervielle
- redisconvering the fantastic voice of Tracey Thorn on her solo album, which, sadly, wasn't as fantastic.
- Alberto Iglesias delivering a superb soundtrack for The Kite Runner

#7, by Fredrik on January 10th 2008, at 01:56
How can you forget to mention Digitalism - Idealism? I just realised the other day that i like it even better than Justice!

#8, by Zaknafein on January 10th 2008, at 14:33
Interesting music choices
I might have to check some of these out :)

#9, by XoniC=64 on January 10th 2008, at 14:50
I didn't listen much to modern music in 2007 as I was diving into an era of simplistic samplers and synthesizers, also known as EBM to most people. Early Apop, early Ministry, early NIN. It seems as many modern rock bands started out doing EBM or EBM-influenced styles.

I also listened to some 90's acid trance since I bought the incredibly rare and hard-to-get Stephan Groth side project Total Transformation. In Thru Out is definitely the best album I bought in 2007. Incredibly monotonous and linear, almost on the brink of being annoyingly simplistic and cliché, yet it had elements that made it spark as a prime example of psychedelic and acid techno done perfectly right.

Other than that I can't really recall much groundbreaking music being made in 2007, save for some of your Ugress EP's that is of course.

#10, by Wouter on January 10th 2008, at 20:48
Musical moments of 2007 (not necessarily music released in 2007):
- discovering the soundtrack of The Fountain: one of the best cd's i ever bought
- discovering the music from Yann Tiersen, especially in Good Bye Lenin! and Amélie Poulain
- a surprisingly good second cd from Bajofondo (after the dissapointing first one). If you are intersted in tango mixed with electronica, you should check out Luciano Supervielle in his solo album
- rediscovering the wonderful voice of Tracey Thorn in the not so wonderful Out of the Woods
- Santaolalla delivering yet again with his beautiful score for Babel. If you like his stuff, check out Ronroco, which is absolutely beautiful in it's simplicity and emotion
- Alberto Iglesias who doesn't dissapoint in his most "Hollywoodian" soundtrack to date: The Kite Runner