HTTP idiots: Stop making youtubes and podcasts of everything!
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I am really NOT happy with this current trend where everything is flashed or podcasted or videoized or youtubed or explained-in-person. For example, [appearantly] there is this great interview with the Pandora founder regarding the before-mentioned online radio royalty rate issues. But I dont have the patience to sit for 30 minutes listening to a guy go "but you know, uh, uh, like, uh, its like, you see, uh, uh, you know uh-uh-uh-uh". Forget that, someone transcribe it.

The reason I am HERE on the http-webs and NOT in front of a dumb glaring preprogrammed realtime television set is because I want stuff, I want information, and I want it much faster than realtime. I want to throw a glance at things and decide if it is relevant. I like to quickly scan or search for the bits I am after and then devour them in the speed necessary for me to attain the information I seek. Which usually is pretty much fucking faster than anyone can speak.

LOOK UP THE PREFIX HYPER, you mindless video loving idiots. Go back to TV and stay there. I don't want to spend my life watching stupid Flash intros or menus just to download a driver for my scanner.

Not only are interviews lazily youtubed and websites heavily flashified, there is also a trend where software features, instructions and technical information are being relayed as video. With a jabbering developer mumbling the voiceover, instead of plain text documentation. It's horrible! It sucks moose!

Often I find myself on a roaming 3G cellphone connection outside Norway. Can you imagine my frustration when I have to wait several hours for a stupid single bit of information, stuck in the middle of a 36 megabyte mp4 clip? Not to mention the bankruptcy-inspired prices for roaming 3G data waiting on my phone bill? And it's probably just a matter of time until my phone bill comes as a bloody interactive 10 minute youtube clip.

Don't get me wrong - I love the fact that youtube/streaming video is a reality. I grew up before the war, with BBSes, you know. I am just mad at the bonkers idea that youtube and podcasts should be used for everything, and sometimes, INSTEAD of text.

Thank the-flying-spaghetti-monster for the 4 x speed function in Quicktime.


#1, by georgeblunt on April 26th 2007, at 08:56
This is my first comment here. I've been a fan of your music for a long time and just stumpled upon your blog about a week ago.
A lot of your entries are amazingly close to my view on the things around us. Including this one. ^^

#2, by Mads on April 26th 2007, at 16:33
I must say i agreez. Especially with the flashified webzitez.

#3, by Knut Arne Vedaa on April 27th 2007, at 11:04
It's that coffee soap making you so hyper today, isn't it?

#4, by Xonic on May 18th 2007, at 02:05
Good point. I can't stand Flash-sites either. Takes so much damn time to load...